• Review: How Much Stress is Too Much?

    This week, review.  Go back to the questions in Part I and Part II of How Much Stress is Too Much and reflect on what you’ve either written or thought about.  Is there anything in your answers/reflections helping you start to understand your stress? Are you clarifying anything? How does it feel to explore, to examine your stress, and your history?

    Some people find distinct patterns in stress symptoms, in relationships, and in specific life situations.  For example, my neck and shoulders get stressed when I’m stressed; my mother/son/significant other and I often run into conflict; or my office is an on-going source of stress.

    Others discover the current stress is new – unique or unusual. Regardless, pay attention to what you are hopefully learning.  If nothing feels more clear, decide if you need some help – a conversation with someone you are close to who will give you honest feedback, or a professional.

    And commit to continuing your reflection on the questions in the coming weeks.

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