• Part II – How Much Stress is Too Much?

    If you answered the questions last week, here are a few more.  If you didn’t have the chance, they can be found here.

    – Focus on/ask yourself:  Where am I when I am feeling the most stress?  Home?  Work?  In traffic?  In social situations?

    – Who are the people you are with when feeling the most stress?  Colleagues?  Employees?  Your boss?  Spouse or significant other?  A family member?

    -When have you felt these feelings before?  Reflect back to the last time you felt overly stressed?  Is it similar to what you feel now?  Is it totally different?

    It’s also important to pay attention to how you feel when you ask these questions.  And if you are finding the time to write your answers, look back at your notes from last week.  See if /how you are feeling has shifted at all.  And any time in this process you get concerned about what you’re feeling, the symptoms you are paying attention to, call someone and ask for help.  It is always a good and healthy idea to reach out to a friend, family member, spiritual leader, your physician.  Self care pays off!

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