• Speaking Topics

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    Recognizing and Coping with Stress

    Stress won’t go away. Yet, what’s the limit? How much stress is too much? Linda’s practice and presentations share keys to successful stress analysis and change.  Additionally, a CD set for Your Personal Stress Analysis is available for purchase.

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    Effective Use of Power

    Women are taught to give power away. It’s inappropriate, uncomfortable. Linda helps audiences unravel disabling myths and examine the rewards of healthy, positive personal power.

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    Life Balance or Integration, What’s the Difference?

    Yes, life is a balancing act. “Having it all” is tough. As women continue to assume responsible and demanding positions they question how to integrate personal and professional goals. Linda’s presentations validate the goal of integration vs the struggle for balance; then examine the fine line between chaos and change; between the “quest for balance” and the real possibility, the deep satisfaction, of “being in charge of your life”.

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    The Psychology of Effective Leadership: Lead From Who and Where You Are

    You are challenged to lead everywhere you go — professionally and personally. Leading effectively obviously depends on skills. Even more essential is Knowing Yourself and the Situation. Explore a deeper level of self awareness — your strengths and challenges. Analyze necessary next steps for greater success in your current roles and for moving to higher levels of power and leadership.

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    Power: The Key to Successful Leadership

    Understanding power provides an essential frame of reference for your role as a leader. Examine definitions, perception, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors from both individual and system perspectives. Analyze yourself — your successes and your challenges — through the lens of power, and learn how to be as powerful as you’re capable of being.