IF YOU ARE A PERSON who is constantly searching for ways to be organized, focused, efficient, and accomplish your many goals ranging from being more successful at work, to purging your closet, to putting good health care into practice and you are about to STOP READING THIS because you don’t want to explore yet another thing about how to “turn yourself around” and learn “easy ways to have healthier habits,” I implore you to keep reading for a few more paragraphs.
    I read a lot about self improvement…and I also WRITE a lot about self improvement….and from my blogs and books to my daily work with individual clients in therapy I almost always focus on how to feel better, get back on track, lesssen anxiety and depression that impacts ability to function in full, healthy and proactive ways. Consequently I scan new books for what I might find useful in the many ways I interact with clients, readers, and individuals and groups I speak to or consult with. I’m a bit “jaded” with all the STUFF that’s out there.
    Consequently when I found myself carefully reading and underlining JAMES CLEAR’S ideas on the first 20 to 40 pages of ATOMIC HABITS, I kept reading. I finished the book by using the author’s suggestion of reading 20 pages a day, first thing in the morning. I tried that because I thought it was a particularly unusual suggestion — one I felt open to experimenting with! (CLEAR notes he read 37 books in one year, by reading 20 pages a day)….I finished the book in 13-14 days because there are 271 pages in it! And by reading it at that pace, I digested more of it than I might typically have done.
    So here’s my review: this is first, a well written book. Second, its filled with constructive ideas about change — like habit stacking –okay you just have to read the book to get details on this idea. Third, it’s complimented with good and wide ranging psychological research. And finally, there are examples and quotes from individuals in almost every field you can imagine, including Clear’s examples of what has worked for him — so regardless of what you DO day to day, you will find a relatable exampe–something that will make you reflect and think: “Humm, maybe that would work for me.”
    Facilitating CHANGE is  my daily focus with clients ….. and the reason people come to therapy? TO CHANGE!  And once a change is put in place, we each have to face the period of “transition” — the time where we truly move from the old behavior to genuinely integrate the “new beginning.”  THAT — the transition — is sometimes painfully challenging.  James Clear has a unique perspective on the “how” of change and building and maintaining new patterns of behavior….ATOMIC HABITS.
    I seldom read a non fiction book from cover to cover, and I even less frequently take the time to write in detail about a book. THIS one is worth it. And I think it’s important to share that I’m personally using some of Clear’s ideas for building my own new habit patterns. Grab a copy if you are genuinely facing barriers to establishing the habits that lead you to the ultimate version of your life well lived. You deserve to feel better, to make the changes you need to make in order to feel better…and you just might find some ideas in ATOMIC HABITS to help you.  And as always, if you have questions you can always be in touch with me. And again, I always suggest you read my blogs and my books on POWER, STRESS, and CORRECTING IRRATIONAL THOUGHT PATTERNS — to move toward feeling as good as you deserve to feel….!