Whether you are a person who often or even once in a while reflects in a journal/notebook/or on the computer, asking yourself some questions that take you even just a bit below the surface of your day to day thinking and working and being can be both useful and stimulating.

    AND they don’t have to be deeply philosophical or psychological… they just have to direct your thoughts to a space in your head that you inhabit a bit less regularly.  The purpose: to stir your mind and even your heart and perhaps your direction just a bit.  To that end, I’m providing a few PROMPTS….

    It’s usually good to trust the first thing that pops into your foreground! And I believe it’s always good to write your answers……

    – ARE YOU a person who is comfortable or uncomfortable sharing something POSITIVE about yourself with others — friends, co-workers, family?

    – ARE YOU a person who is comfortable or uncomfortable sharing something NEGATIVE about yourself with others — friends, co-workers, family?

    – Could you talk to someone about something that was to you shame producing?  (A therapist, although a good choice, doesn’t count for this question)!

    – Can you talk to others about our current political climate calmly and coherently?

    – Can you discuss politics with those who disagree with your political position and listen to truly understand?

    – Do you talk easily with those who disagree with you in general — about ideas, life?

    – Do you limit your friendships and conversations to those you agree with? Or do you enjoy a good discussion across differences about life and living in general?

    – Are you a good listener?

    – Would your friends, family members, co-workers describe you as a good listener?

    – Are you a happy person?

    – Are you doing the kind of work that feels rewarding for you?

    – When was your last vacation? And did you really get to relax?

    – When was the last time you spent a day relaxing by yourself? Does doing that sound wonderful or awful?

    – What’s your go-to very best thing to do to relax and unwind?

    -And right now, how are you feeling reading and answering the questions? Comfortable? Uncomfortable? Neutral?

    Clearly there are no right or wrong answers to any of these….they are simply for reflection. Regardless, even the most simple questions can get us thinking about things that aren’t going as well as we might like.  And that’s the purpose of self-examination, even on such a basically,  fairly — hopefully — unthreatening level. AND regardless, when doing self examination, many if not most of us, can bump into thoughts that feel a bit stressful.  If that’s ever the case as you read this or any of my blogs, try to give yourself permission to talk to someone.  I have the firm belief that we all can benefit from therapy!  And if you simply aren’t ready or likely to find a therapist, it’s always good to talk to a friend or family member about how and what you are feeling.  And you can always ask me questions.  You deserve to feel as good as you possibly can.