First a confession!  A TECH DETOX is something I’m needing myself. AND I’d like to add my “dependence” is limited to fewer THINGS but none the less there has been growing concern about the frequency I’m on a device.  I do not use face book … in fact the only things I use regularly, and it appears sometimes too often, are the following:  email, text messages, and twitter. And as I’m taking a serious look at myself, my use of technology, the impact on me, I’m asking you to take that plunge into self awareness with me!

    Some questions…..
    -how many different devices do you have and use regularly?
    -how many different apps do you have and use regularly?
    -what is your “go to” mode of communicating/sharing information about yourself?
    -how regularly do you text?
    -how regularly do you talk to someone on the phone vs text?
    -how regularly do you use email?

    Make a list that helps you do a basic assessment of what you use most often, or regularly. And don’t neglect to identify games you use regularly. AND identify any thing I’ve left out simply because MY tech knowledge and use is limited! I like to think that’s because I spend my entire day in direct, face to face communication….allowing less time for technology.  Well, it’s what I’m going with!

    More questions….

    -how many times a day do you CHECK for messages?
    -how hard is it to put your phone/device DOWN and step away from checking?
    -can you “let” a text message go unanswered for as long as an hour? Half a day? An entire day?
    -how do you feel when you do not receive a message quickly?
    -how do you feel when you do not respond to a message quickly?
    -how would it feel to step away from using your device for a day? Longer?
    -how much of your tech use is personal vs work related?

    FINALLY, how hard is it for you to have quiet time, stillness….time not punctuated by some kind of tech exchange?

    You can probably add some questions you NEED to ask yourself. But if just the questions annoy or irritate you, take that as a sign. If nothing else, try staying off your device for an hour….half a day….all day as a test. HOW DO YOU FEEL? HOW DO YOU FEEL JUST CONSIDERING IT?

    The hard reality is simple. Most people are not taking time to be quiet and reflective — to step back/away from the STIMULATION of the “hit” most get from plugging into whatever process they use most frequently.  Research continues to suggest that technology is having a negative impact on the brain. Do a bit of research ON the research if you find yourself dismissing that statement.

    And try to recall what it was like to have a relaxing day or evening of reading a book…that’s right a BOOK! Or a long walk in the park — without a head set….The lack of quiet leads to more anxiety, depression, bursts of anger, or of a wave of sadness and tears you might not understand. We need to feel our feelings, reflect on who we are, what’s important in life, what direction we are headed….technology is getting in the way of that….everyone needs to ask HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?

    I truly don’t know how to predict the ultimate outcome of slowing down tech use, but I do know that my clients…and most of the people I know in my personal life are wondering, asking “what is this doing to me” Am I addicted? How does quiet time make me feel? And what should I be doing differently? 

    Do your own reflecting. And if reading this annoys you, take that as a sign that you might benefit from altering your use of technology….just for a while. I predict your stress level will lower to a “space” you “recall” from times past….when you felt more relaxed and tuned into the face to face contact with those you live with, hang out with, and work with.  If you have questions, or just want to express annoyance with these thoughts, you can always contact me.  Take care. You deserve to feel better!