Last week a client asked me about “purging her house”…..and then clarified she was talking about herself…not the house she resides in. And I’ve been reflecting on the conversation simply because we began to explore in detail what she was feeling that caused her to use the phrase…..purging her house.

    We started with an over all look at “self”….. A focus on four aspects of who you are –your physical health, fitness, and energy level; your emotional “state” — the presence or absence of extremes; your great mind/brain and all it’s capable of; and any spiritual connection you identify with, even if it’s something as basic as the universe or Mother Nature.  These are the areas to examine….and it’s genuinely important to consider doing periodic “cleanses” — perhaps even seasonally. 

    Consequently as we shift into another time of the year, ask if this is a good time to do some cleaning, clearing, purging — making room for new thinking, new habits or behaviors; any kinds of shifts or changes you know you’d truly like to implement.  A good way to begin is to grab a notebook and begin to write whatever pops into your mind when you ask the following questions.  Write anything you are thinking. You can cross things out/change them later, but it’s helpful to see what jumps into the foreground of your mind when you aren’t filtering.

    — Without over-thinking just begin to write words and phrases that describe how you feel about your physical health and fitness. 
    — What changes do you know you need to make?
    — What gets in the way of making the changes?
    — What goals can you identify?
    — What or who might help you to clear out the old and start the new?

    — What are you feeling right now? How would you assess your emotional well-being? Your level of stress and concern about anything in your  life?
    —What changes do you know you need to make?
    —What gets in the way of making the changes? 
    —Is it easy or hard to consider changes in the way you feel most of the time?
    —What goals can you identify?
    —What or who might help you to clear out the old and start the new?

    —When you think about your mind, your knowledge base, your expertise, your capacity to learn and grow, how do you feel?
    —Is there something you want to stop doing, start doing, or just learn?
    —What gets in the way of making the changes?
    —What goals can you identify?
    —What or who might help you to clear out the old and start the new?

    —Do you feel connected or disconnected from this aspect of your life?
    —Do you have or feel you need a spiritual/perhaps religious direction?
    —Is there something you know you are missing, or is this a fulfilling aspect of your life?
    —What changes do you need to make?
    —What gets in your way?
    —What or who might help you to clear out the old and start the new?

    Lots of questions! If it feels like over load, stop and write a few sentences on how you’re feeling. You can always return to the exercise later. Just save what you’ve written.  And if you’re all in at this point, review your answers and see if it’s possible to prioritize goals.  Keep in mind the concept of clearing/purging the old to make room for the NEW. And don’t over think it. Do something simple to start.

    Here’s a good example: A client who wanted to totally change her eating habits decided to empty her refrigerator.  Then she cleaned it with vinegar and baking soda! Next she made a list of the healthy basics she would buy to re-supply the frig. She did the same with basics in cabinets and a pantry area. It’s a little easier sounding with physical changes in the kitchen, but consider how you might imagine clearing other areas of life. I have a friend who sold a treadmill she never used because exercising on her own didn’t work…..and simply joined a gym where she could get some external motivation….

    The point is to consider what works for you; your priorities; your knowledge of what might help you move forward. Share some of your thoughts with a friend or colleague….sometimes talking is just good motivation. Clearing, cleansing often works, often makes you feel ready for a fresh start. Consider it. And always feel free to ask me questions. You deserve to feel good!