The concern about Alzheimers — SIGNS, SYMPTOMS, and how early to be paying attention to the well being of your brain — does seem to be a frequent topic, regardless of your age. I’m certainly paying attention, and you are likely doing the same — if not yet for yourself, then for someone you know and care about.  Consequently I’m sharing updated information I find, whenever I find it.

    Here’s a new simple and straight forward take on the issue of prevention.  Psychologist, Dr Rudy Tanzi and Dr. Deepak Chopra have a new book — Super Genes in which they suggest a simple way to remember AND act on the things to do right now to take the best possible care of your brain.

    S H I E L D your brain…..Or six things to do NOW.

    S stands for SLEEP. The recommendation is the standard 8 hours. Although many people suggest they do not need that solid 8 hours, the recommendation here IS FOR A SOLID EIGHT. It both “clears” and refreshes the brain.

    H stands for HANDLE STRESS.  Everyone is stressed. Everyone WILL BE STRESSED. The issue is to develop ways to handle, and wherever and whenever possible, reduce it.

    I stands for INTERACT WITH OTHERS. Relationships and connections and the healthy feelings that flow from those “intersections” keep your brain fresh and active.

    E stands for EXERCISE. The brain needs and wants exercise. And whatever I read/research about Alzheimers prevention, EXERCISE is typically the top recommendation. Pick something now that’s the easiest thing for you to work into your life and decide you WILL DO IT.

    L stands for LEARNING NEW THINGS.  Learning is clearly a workout — different from physical exercise — for the brain. It demands using and building new cells and expanding brain power.

    D stands for DIET.  Eating healthy is the simple yet complex directive.  The authors recommend the Mediterranean Diet. Regardless, begin with healthy changes: eliminate sodas and other sugars; reduce carbs and add some healthy fat; and consume lots and lots of healthy fruit and vegetables.

    This is the most basic review of the new book ….so try getting your copy or google it and get a quick on line review to propel you forward.

    And to reduce the stress in your life, read some of my blogs on stress analysis and stress reduction. Or read my book: YOUR PERSONAL STRESS ANALYSIS.

    The big message here is protect your brain now. And seek as much information as you can on how to do it.  There’s a test for your brain on a website I haven’t checked out…. but plan to. If you do it first, let me know what you think….it’s. ALZU.ORG

    TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! And your brain! And as always, you can ask me any questions.  You deserve to feel good…