Yes!  The because of that question?…. You can be enormously intelligent/posses a really high IQ and continue to make major mistakes or miss-steps in your personal and work relationships if your emotional intelligence is not developed.

    And can it be developed? I believe so.  Try answering these questions to start assessing your own level of EI….Consider rating your answers on a scale of 1 to 10…1 represents “I need a lot of improved awareness and perhaps help. … and 10 represents “I’m experiencing great success”

    – How aware are you of your own and on-going thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as you go through the day, interacting and working with others?

    -How aware are you of the impact you have on those you interact with — in personal and work relationships?

    -How aware are you of the thoughts, feelings, behaviors of the individuals you interact with….how well do you pay attention?

    -How aware are you of the interactions, the behaviors, the decisions/choices of the larger group you interact with…that can be your work environment or your family or your circle of friends, or a meeting with a group you volunteer for.

    Those are my questions.  To go into even more detail, here’s a summary of a few basics of EI from the Hay Group:

    -know your feelings and use them to make life decisions you can live with

    -manage your emotional life without being hijacked by it — or paralyzed by depression, worry, anger

    -persist regardless of setbacks/pursue your goals regardless of unforeseen barriers

    -express/experience empathy in your interactions without being told what the other person is feeling

    -handle feelings in relationships — read the “pulse” of a group — with skill and accuracy

    If you want to do a quick measure of EI with a questionnaire, the Hay Group has one on line. You can take it and get an immediate score and a ranking of how your score compares to others taking the inventory.

        Go to http://www.haygroup/leadershipandtalentondemand/demos/ei_quiz.aspx

    For further reading, check out two Daniel Goleman books: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. And SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE

    You can also go to my website for additional blogs on emotional awareness/mindfulness — as well as my books on psychology and self awareness.

    Know, too, that you can always ask me questions and/or see if I have information about resources in your area.  Always ask for help when you need it!