If you simply want to reflect on last year and contemplate the new year “underway,” I am sharing questions from a book I just read.  YOU CAN HEAL YOUR HEART by David Kessler and Louise Hay.  I strongly recommend the book at this time of year…..because as we look back AND forward, resolving to head in new directions, each of us remembers a death of a loved one, an “ending” or a loss in life.

    It’s an excellent book and the source of the following:

    Am I living the life I want?

    If I died tomorrow, would I die with regrets?

    Is this really how I want to be spending my days?

    What positive changes could I make in my life while I have the time to implement them?

    FOUR powerful questions. I believe if you take some quiet time, just close your eyes and take some deep clearing breaths, contemplate these questions, then write the first things that pop into your mind, you will have some new sense of direction….and perhaps some goals for this year, even for this day.

    As I was reading You Can Heal Your Heart and thinking about loss and change, I was reminded of a quote from DUNE by Frank Herbert.  If you’ve never heard of it and like science fiction, I recommend this book as well.  Here’s the quote I think goes with the questions from Kessler and Hay…..

    “Without change, something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens.”

    If that speaks to you, write it down. Put it somewhere you will see it and be reminded of the changes you hope to make.  Always remember change is possible, healing is possible — one step at a time.

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