I’m concerned about everyone’s stress level because each time I get in my car to run an errand or dash into the grocery store, I am in fear for my physical well being!  Seriously, I just saw a huge accident in the parking lot of my grocery store!  And I think it’s because too many of us are in such an enormous hurry — but for what reason? Even if it’s too hard to believe, slowing down truly does not take more time. Well, maybe you miss the green light by not dashing round the slower car  in front of you, but if you calculated, it’s not more than a total of 5 minutes.  Your health and well being, and a lower stress level have to be worth that FIVE minutes…

    So take a deep breath and slow down.  Assess your stress in these days leading up to the new year — 2016. And if you want some help with the assessment, I’m going to give you some tools in my next few blogs for doing that.  They are all from my book:  YOUR PERSONAL STRESS ANALYSIS.

    MY FIRST SUGGESTION IS GOOGLE YOURSELF — well just metaphorically.  Think and visualize yourself as a total informations system — as your own “google apparatus.”

    How often are you at the computer connecting to google for information? Think of YOUR entire system — your body and physical symptoms, your thoughts, your feelings, your spiritual awareness as accessible to you when you sit down and get quiet and “google” yourself.”  Just as you type in the topic you wish to research on your computer, do the same thing visually with yourself.  Hit the search button for the information available from your body, thoughts, feelings and spiritual self.

    Set the TIME aside for the RESEARCH. When you sit quietly, even for as little as 5 minutes and as much as 30 minutes and “search,” your system is willing and able to provide information.  What happens? What’s happening in your body? Do you notice symptoms — aches, pain, minor discomfort that you need to pay attention to? What are you thinking about as you sit quietly and breathe? What do you know you need to pay attention to vs just let go of?

    And feelings. Are they positive? Negative? Neutral? And finally your spiritual self. What are the messages there?  Connected, disconnected? Open or Closed?

    Check to see if you are getting messages/information you want and need to remember or is checking in, and “googling self” enough for slowing down and paying attention to the direction you need right NOW.

    Finally, considering “googling self” daily.  And take some notes.  Write down the things you want to pay attention to, remember to do….it truly helps.

    And in the next few blogs, I’ll give you some questions for even more specific stress analysis.  Meanwhile have fun and enjoy….just go slow…..

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