At the same time this blast of frightening news is reported there is also an early morning piece on women’s shelters being limited/closed/under funded so that beds are GONE — space is gone — for women seeking shelter from abusive partners. That means a woman must risk her well being and possibly her life by staying in an abusive situation.

    We have to pause and ask what is wrong with the law makers and their decision making.  When the Violence Against Women Act failed so miserably earlier this year, I was hopeful to see that as a wake up call….when three women in Cleveland were rescued from 10 years of violence and torture I expected another increase in the level of awareness of a need for action.  The reality?  It looks as if we are still not paying attention as a SYSTEM to the powerlessness of women as a group.

    When I first became involved with MOCSA in the early 70’s I was filled with hope. And the work we did pushed all of us and our community into a wonderful new level of awareness and service to women who needed it.  I am fearful that after all these years of good work, we are stuck again — in danger of falling back into complacent thinking about what needs — STILL — to be done.

    Thankfully, women in congress are taking a stand on the military failures, proposing legislation for change — much needed change.

    Perhaps it is simply time for each of us to have a voice.  It IS 2013.  Women ARE equal partners/citizens/participants in every institution.  Think about how you might find a way to help.  Consider all the options:  make contributions to shelters; volunteer to help in fund raisers; express your concerns to the women and men you work with; share your skills whatever they are.  Motivate yourself and others by thinking about the young girls in your families, neighborhoods, communities who are growing up in a society where they are likely going to have to learn to be afraid.  To make our society safe for all people, we need community efforts — education, awareness, action.  If you have ideas, feel free to share them and I’ll get them out on a blog.  We are capable of making a difference.

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