• Obvious Imbalance in Power

    Rush Limbaugh’s inflammatory remarks stimulated a “war of words” ….and the on-going discussion (as well as more crazy remarks) magnifies the reality of how much power white males hold in this society.  When the conversation about contraception and birth control first began, and as it continues, it is serious and sobering. There is no light-hearted approach to these topics.  Enlightening, however, is raising the topic of “prohibitions on men” for prescriptions for Viagara. As legislation is proposed and requirement of tests for men to obtain medication is discussed, the energy has changed. How?  There is an under tone of humor in the reporting and discussion.  As if “how ridiculous to consider putting limitations on the rights of men and any drugs/medications they might want or need!”

    It would appear to suggest that the threat to male power and rights is deemed silly even in the eyes of our most liberal media.  Who would “seriously consider doing such a thing?”

    The difference is palpable! Question the rights of women in our systems? Absolutely! Question the rights of men in our systems? How ridiculous!  What better example is needed to illustrate the reality of system powerlessness for women as a group?

    And how exciting to see women from all generations taking these issues seriously, confronting the efforts to eliminate years of progress.  This time, let’s stay focused on the foundational system issues.  Our systems are stagnant. Systems view women as a group as powerless. This has to change. Conflict is inevitable, and so is the possibility for intelligent dialogue, negotiation, exchange across differences in values and opinions – resulting in better solutions. But there is no compromise in addressing the inequity in the power of women and men.  NONE.

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