Dr. Moore is passionate about helping women improve their lives.

Everyone is periodically over whelmedYPSA-Cover-Final-web by stress! In all areas, all kinds of people – individuals, couples, employees, students – struggle with stress. And today, far more than usual. Life is moving at a speed that challenges us. Your Personal Stress Analysis is a workbook designed around ideas to help you ‘handle’ your stress.

What’s Wrong With Me? Maybe Not That Much challenges and teaches you to ask HEALTHY questions. When the focus is on what’s wrong with me, you lose the “juice” of life — of being fully present to love and laugh and work and play. This workbook — yes, you are asked to WRITE about what you
think and feel –helps you quiet the negative questions, ask healthy ones, and head in a direction to problem solve and embrace a positive and powerful direction in life.

The release of the third edition of Release from Powerlessness: Take Charge of Your Life, provides women with access to a timely manual full of tips, examples and tools for understanding power.  If you have “given power away” her book tells you how to take it back.

To men reading this, she says:  “My focus on the psychology of women has taught me just as much about the psychology of men and equipped me more thoroughly to work with my male clients. I like to think my male clients would agree.”Linda lives and works in the Kansas City area. As a well-established therapist, speaker and writer she offers a vast amount of experience to all of her clients, whether individuals, groups or corporations.

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